We utilise high-grade industrial equipment to ensure we provide a spotless finish every time. Our machines are listed below and showcase how effective they are.

Sweeper - Tennant S30

This ride-on sweeper picks up the tiniest particles from dust to heavier debris. Great for resolving the tougher applications and providing constantly clean results for interiors and exteriors. All managed by a low sound power sweeping engine.


Sweeper - Mille D, E, SK

For tough and demanding cleans in rigorous environments, this durable machine offers low running costs and various features such a large filter, side vacuum brushes and is easy to maintain. With a strong chassis finish, it is designed for all types of sites.


Scrubber - Tennant 7200

A powerful vacuum scrubbing machine, suitable for both large open areas and confined spaces. With precise brush bristles and strong suction, it is also remarkable for picking up water and liquids and can be used alongside any cleaning solution.


Scrubber - Tennant 7400

A sublime scrubbing tool which performs even the most difficult of cleaning tasks. Performing constant high-speed suction with a two-cylinder style designed brushes, it can clean down virtually any surface. Reliable and providing a spotless dust-free environment for any finish.


Sweeper & Scrubber - Nilfisk SC800

An ultra-flexible and dependable machine with numerous environmentally-friendly features set through multiple cleaning modes to provide enhanced control. Easy to use with an enduring runtime storing 350 litres tank capacity for cleaning solution and liquids, offering a dust-free finish.


Pressure Cleaner - Spitwater 4000 PSI

A cold water pressure cleaner designed in an easy to use control whilst ensuring safe and easy mobility. Suitable to clean gla ss and all tough grime on effectively all surfaces. With an easy to extend 50m hose to reach all cramped rooms.

Office cleaning

Electric Scissor Lift -
JLG 1930ES

This industrial grade scissor lift is incredibly functional for reaching higher ceilings and surfaces which can extend up to 7.72 metres. Designed for various settings, it offers a quiet and clean operation engine with a narrow fit for reaching most tight aisles and openings.